October (Part V)

by Elisium

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"October" (or Part V) was one of the last Elisium songs written and recorded with former guitarist Jason Ayers. It's the beginning of the band's departure from 4-piece arrangements, to 3-piece. It's also the longest song in the Elisium catalog. Recorded at Cue Studios in Falls Church VA, by a very frustrated producer named Harry, who had no idea the song was 10 minutes long.



There's danger here
One more step may be all I need
Meet my fear, and shake
Wish away, but I won't do any good
they know where I sleep
Study me, take away my comforts here
Leave me high and dry
Enough to speak, navigate
what doesn't seem to see with eyes

Instead of wondering, I know
Faster than ever feels slow
and one, by one
their cold hands tear me apart

Ainur, aimenu
Daro, lantando
Terrified you'll wait

Stop right there
don't come any closer or
I might have to jump
I'll take my weight, and everything I can't escape
time, tomorrow

Instead of wondering, I've known
Why they won't leave me alone
and one, by one
their cold hands tear me apart

But you gave up on me

A desperate hour like this
can't be met with my resentment
No, I'll have to open up.
Or you'll turn against me
Use my imperfections as your tools
Weapons of my disgrace
All because I wondered
All because I told myself lies
All because it hurts to try
But something found me...
And never let me go

I think I found this, right before I lost it.


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Elisium Fredericksburg, Virginia

Elisium is a 3-piece band from Fredericksburg, VA. We quit our jobs 3 years ago to chase our dreams across the country. We are fiercely independent, and you've just found the BEST way to help us keep living, working, and making music. Join us!

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