Seldon (early version)

by Elisium

Secret Society exclusive


An early version of "Seldon" recorded at Cue Studios in Falls Church VA around February 2004. Our buddy Jeremiah, to whom the song is now dedicated, was in the studio with us while we recorded this. He died the following month, and changed the whole nature of the song.


You may have seen the sun before
you may remember feeling warm,
waking up renewed and clever.
But light is lost under these trees
where sorrow falls like little leaves
and we remain to start life over.

Remember how we used to be.
The perfect sons of sovereignty
defiant only in our measures.

Take me back to sure Seldon.
To the faces you dream of.
To the moment of belief
as we lay our son to sleep.

Mother, make him alright.
Divide not this sea.
I will cover his broken body
and force my eyes away.

His venerated name we sung
Kyrie Eleison
Other sons are coming home, ours will
remember how we used to be.
Remember all the life in me?
Remind me why I can recover


released September 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Elisium Fredericksburg, Virginia

Elisium is a 3-piece band from Fredericksburg, VA. We quit our jobs 3 years ago to chase our dreams across the country. We are fiercely independent, and you've just found the BEST way to help us keep living, working, and making music. Join us!

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